Who says nothing comes free? Free Deposit Bonuses are an awesome way to play your favorite Table Games, Slots or Asian Games for absolutely nothing. We at Cost Free Casino love everything that has to do with Free Online Casino Gaming and we love any bonus that makes your gaming experience cheaper (while still giving you the opportunity to win real money!).

What are Free Play Bonuses?

Being a first time player on an Online Casino is exciting because of all the special offers that you can get. From Match Bonuses to Deposit Bonuses, you are certainly going to benefit from joining a good Online Casino. Our favorite bonus is your Free Play Bonus. A Free Play Bonus is a welcome gift from the casino. It’s an amount of free cash that is offered to the player just for joining the Online Casino.

Two things to be aware of though:

A Free Play Bonus is reserved for first time players with the casino. You will not get a Free Play Bonus when you make consequent deposits.

The Free Play Bonus usually comes with a time limit. Make sure you know the time period and you use your Free Play Bonus as soon as you can! As soon as you join the casino, claim your Free Play Bonus as the clock would have begun ticking.

Benefits of a Free Play Bonus

The trick with a Free Play Bonus is to bet as many times as you can while you have it. ANY winnings that accumulate with your Free Play is yours to keep. If you blunder up terribly while playing, at least you can rest assured that you were not playing with your own money. Nothing was lost but gambling experience was gained. Next time you play you’ll be better, all thanks to your Free Play Bonus.


Don’t choose your Online Casino based solely on the bonuses. Yes, look at what they’re offering you but read the casino reviews and maybe even give their support services a test run.  You need to know the ins and outs of the casino before you settle on your choice.